Who are we? Talen Inc. Company profile

T alen Textiles and Chemicals Inc. started its commercial life in 1996 as Tekstal Textile Industry Inc and going to the title change in 2006 Talen Textile and Chemical Industry Inc. as is ongoing.

Our company, which has outdoor and indoor area 50000m2, polyester, cotton waste, wool waste and clippings are producing all the main ingredients of a functioning infrastructure needed by the textile, mainly acrylic debris. Our 19 years of experience in the sector, using specialized staff and technology in the most efficient way domestic and abroad, we are proud to have a respected place in the process the raw materials needed by industry. Just leaning to the housing problem which was necessary for our country and our experience is not only in the textile sector, in accordance with the requirements of the age, aesthetic and safe housing denince, we have arrived at a solid place among the leading companies in our country.

Talen Textile and Chemical Industry. Tic. AS reliable food infrastructure of our country want the fastest way to meet the needs of the people are aware of the importance which incorporates manpower reliable logistics and food. Automotive, electrical, white goods and shoes such as many areas as well as other industries that service the needs of this sector and recognized among sought-after players in the sector and the bar are in a discipline which increases with each passing day.

Meet our customers' demands as committed as Talen Tekstil, quality products, timely installation is to maximize customer satisfaction.

Based on many years of experience with success by capturing the world economy and contribute to the promotion of Turkey. By continuing to invest in its growth path it is to be a global company ..