Talen Kimya We are here to provide your needs ...

We follow the sector; we catch the innovation ...

Talen Kimya aims to provide all the needs of its customers in the chemical sector, in this context constantly renews himself by working harder every day to fulfill his duty. As continuously developed R & D studies in search of the best solution in its field.

Product range in production and in stockpiling is preliminary and our main vision be solution partner in this area for our customers, with our high stocking methods, we can answer every need at every moment.

While presenting all of these, we do not compromise our sensitivity to human health and the environment at all.

Right Goal, Right Result

Our professional team plans all steps such as production, stocking, and transportation by following all the steps that will reach the right result.

Best things need precision

Starting from the lab and reaching to you our products are kept under control at all times as it requires high precision, Talen Kimya has made this necessity one of its main missions.