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World Quality Standards in the Plastics Industry

Plastic industry is one of the sector that are constantly expanding in the world and expanding in usage area, as Talen Plastik, we are aware of that and we provide plastic raw materials for give to your production speed and Talen quality difference.

High quality plastic raw materials that can be processed on the basis of our experience, we support you as Talen Plastik with our high-capacity stocks for as you need.

Only one of our diversity differences as Talen Plastik ...

Production power of new age: Plastic

The history of plasticity goes back to the 1850s. The use of plastics is also quite common. It can be used beside materials such as glass, metal, wood, iron and board as an alternative in the sector. The most important consumers of plastic are the packaging and construction sectors. In many areas such as automotive, electrical, white goods and footwear, plastic is used extensively. In short, being a sub-product of the plastic chemistry industry, it is a material that many industries nowadays benefit. Plastic industry has reached a high trend with the 1990s, with the history of our country being based on the 1960s. 30 percent of plastic is used for packaging and 15 percent is used for construction.